President's Message

President's Message

On behalf of the executive of Microwave Technology Corporation Company,
I am honorable and pleasant to push the company towards its 35th year.

With perseverance in working and real intention to serve customers so as to make them impressive in every aspect, whether in terms of price, quality, and in-time supply of goods, including quick service regarding answering questions on products, price offering, receiving purchase order, and responding to various complaints, it must be implemented within 24 hours during normal working periods by minimizing working flaws as much as possible.

The company abides by principle of business operation with integrity, virtue and morality, as a result the customers are trustful and confident in the company all along. Meanwhile, the company has the initiative to develop new products to step into 5G era so as to cope with competition and encounter new challenges, expected to emerge in the next 5-10 years.

The company is prepared to be enlisted in the Stocks Exchange as a public company and provides more opportunity to those interested in investment to create more participation in pushing forward our business to greater growth.

I would like to thank all participants who help the company’s business move forward smoothly such as members of the executive, manager and all employees who have joined hands for effective work and achievement. I also express my thanks to all customers, sales representative and suppliers who have continuously supported the company, and the company hopes that such full support will continue further.

Sincerely yours,

Mr.Thanakorn Chaonakaew

President & CEO
Microwave Technology Corporation (MTC)